Protect Your Eyes in Raleigh, NC This Winter with These Helpful Tips

Winter Eye CareDuring the winter, your eyes are more prone to injury and irritation, thanks in part to lower temperatures, reduced moisture in the air, and of course, snow sports. At Raleigh Eye Center, we want to help you take care of your eyes, no matter the season. Here are some helpful tips you can follow to ensure your eyes stay healthy this winter.

Wear Sunglasses That Offer UV Protection

When it is snowy outside, the sun’s ultraviolet rays reflect off of the snow into your eyes, doubling their effect and upping your risk of eye damage. Making sure you wear glasses with UV protection will help protect your eyes from bright conditions.

Wear Goggles When You are Active Outdoors

When you are hiking, skiing or snowboarding, it is easy for dirt, slush or ice to get into your eyes. Wearing goggles when you are active outdoors this winter will prevent debris from damaging your eyes.

Make Sure Your Eyes Stay Moist

During the winter, there is reduced moisture in the air, due to fires and the use of indoor heaters. To protect your eyes from getting too dry, try sitting farther away from your fireplace or use eye drops to keep your eyes moist and healthy.

Raleigh Eye Center: Keeping Your Eyes Healthy All Season Long

Interested in receiving more tips on how to protect your eyes this winter or combatting dry eye? Contact Raleigh Eye Center today –– our doctors will be happy to answer any questions you may have.