Legally Blind Judo Student in Raleigh, NC to Compete in Paralympics

Blind Judo Student in Raleigh, NCMost athletes dream of one day making it to the Olympics. For one Judo student in Raleigh, NC, the odds seem to be stacked against her, because not only has she been working hard everyday to reach her Olympic goal, but she’s been doing it while legally blind.

At just 17 years old however, Liana Mutia has become part of Team USA and been accepted as a competitor in the Paralympic games that will be held in Japan in 2020. This major international sporting event involves elite athletes who have physical disabilities that include amputations, vision impairment, intellectual impairment, muscular dystrophy and spina bifida.

Liana has slowly been losing her eyesight over the past three years, due to nearsightedness and an astigmatism. By showing up and training with her coach every day, her commitment to the sport has won her a spot in the games and a shot at achieving her dream. Liana’s coach has modified her workouts since her diagnosis and will do things like placing rings on the mat to keep her from falling off during training sessions.

Liana is an inspiration to all of us here at the Raleigh Eye Center, and we wish her the best of luck in her upcoming trials and competitions.

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