Can Binge Watching on a Smartphone Cause Blindness?

Binge watching our favorite TV shows — we all do it. We even take it to the next level if we are on-the-go riding the bus or running on the treadmill at the gym by using our smartphones to do so. What kinds of effects does this have on our vision? Actually, it can cause serious damage to people’s eyes, as one Ontario teen found out when she went temporarily blind after using her smartphone to watch her favorite shows this past summer.

After spending all summer watching Netflix on her tiny smartphone screen, she looked up and realized she couldn’t see anything. Her vision had gotten so bad that she was legally blind. Her doctor determined that she had spent so long staring at her phone watching TV shows, browsing Facebook and surfing the web that her eyes ended up over-focusing and spasming.

How Overusing Your Smartphone Can Lead to Vision Problems & Other Health Issues

Overusing digital devices can cause many health problems, including dry or itchy eyes, blurry vision, shoulder pain and neck pain. In fact, it is reported that 70% of people will experience some kind of eye strain because of digital devices. This is seen in younger and younger children as more kids use mobile devices.

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