Why Bad Vision Can Lead to Headaches

Close-up of a businesswoman suffering from a headache in an officeSuffering from chronic headaches? Your eyes may be to blame. Symptoms of a headache vary from person to person, and may include dull pressure behind the eyes, throbbing in the temples or pain at the top of the head. Many people do not realize that a common cause of headaches is vision problems.

So, how exactly can vision problems lead to headaches? Certain vision problems, including farsightedness, strain the eyes, which can cause headaches. This is because to see clearly, the lens of the eye has to adjust, or accommodate, when looking at an object. When you are unaware that you are suffering from a vision problem, you may exert constant effort or strain to see clearly, which can lead to headaches.

Signs that Your Headaches Are Caused by a Vision Problem

You may be suffering from a vision problem if you get headaches after you:

  • Stare at a computer for a long period of time
  • Read a book for a long period of time
  • Get double vision when trying to focus on a close-up or far away object

No need to worry! Visiting our Raleigh, NC optometrists will help cure your headaches. We will first lead you through a simple vision test that will help us determine your eyeglass prescription. Then, we will help you pick out the perfect pair of frames or contact lenses that will increase your vision and get rid of your headaches once and for all.