Avoid Nick Fury’s Fate in ‘Captain Marvel’: Protect Yourself from Corneal Abrasions

Now that Captain Marvel has hit theaters, longtime Marvel fans finally know what happened to Nick Fury’s eye. In the interest of avoiding spoilers, we’ll be vague: Someone or something scratched it. In ophthalmology terms, Fury suffered a corneal abrasion, or an injury to the surface of the eye. Below is more information about corneal abrasions and how to prevent them, whether or not you’re planning on fighting aliens this year.

Mild Corneal Abrasions

Mild corneal abrasions can develop from contact lenses; having chronically dry eyes; or playing in and around sand. Mild corneal abrasions usually heal on their own in a few days, but you should always be sure to see an optometrist just to make sure it isn’t something more serious. If you have multiple abrasions or are prone to eye infections, your eye doctor may prescribe antibiotic or lubricating eye drops to encourage healing.

Serious Corneal Abrasions

You may be surprised to learn that even serious corneal scratches can be hard to see without professional optometry equipment. Make sure to see an optometrist if you have a gritty feeling that persists even after rinsing the eye; constant eye pain or redness; fuzzy vision; light sensitivity and headaches; swelling and soreness around the eye; and excessive tear production.

An eye doctor can identify the abrasion during a close examination. In some cases, the optometrist may put a solution called fluorescein onto the eye, which makes scratches glow under specialized light.

How to Avoid Corneal Abrasions

The following tips and best practices can help you avoid corneal abrasions:

  • If you feel dust or grime in your eyes, rinse them instead of rubbing them.
  • Keep your contacts well-maintained and clean. Change them when you are supposed to (daily, weekly, or monthly).
  • Always wear eye protection in high-risk situations.

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