Ask Our Raleigh Eye Doctor: How to Know if Your Child Needs Glasses

It’s no secret that vision problems can harm your child’s health and inhibit their success in life. If you’ve noticed that your child has started to struggle in a certain area, here are some further signs that they may need glasses, from our Raleigh children’s eye doctor.

Unusually Poor Schoolwork

Poor vision can prevent your child from clearly seeing whiteboards, computers, books, or tablets. Not only does this prevent them from getting the information they need, but the physical effort involved can be a factor contributing to disengagement.

Squinting, Head Tilting or Covering One Eye

All of these behaviots are signs a child is attempting to see more clearly. Head tilting and eye covering can also be symptoms of an eye-related disorder, such as amblyopia. If you notice your child exhibiting one of these behaviors, try to keep a written record of when/how often he or she does it so your eye doctor can gauge how frequent it is.

Eye Rubbing

Excessive eye rubbing may indicate that your child is experiencing eye fatigue or strain. It could also be a sign of eye allergies or another eye condition.

Close Proximity to Screens 

If your child sits close to the television, or holds a mobile device close to his or her eyes, it could indicate nearsightedness.

Frequent Headaches 

If your child seems to have recurring headaches, especially at the end of the day, he or she may be placing undue stress on the eyes in an effort to focus.

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