Are You Ready for a Lens-Free Summer?

Summer season is around the corner and with it comes all the summer fun. Barbecues and picnics are marked on the calendars and trips to beaches are highly anticipated. Summer is a carefree season with only one problem- your eyes.

You know it is coming. The sand manages to find its way into the crevices of your glasses. Your contact lenses are dry and itchy because you have worn them for too long. You cannot get on a Jet Ski with your friends because you do not have contacts and you know you will be virtually blind if you tried it without your glasses. Summer is starting to sound like it is not going to be as fun as it should be.

Have no fear LASIK surgery will give your eyes a carefree summer. LASIK has many benefits including:

  1. Liberates you from glasses and contacts
  2. The one time cost of LASIK surgery overrules the continual spending on eye exams, glasses and contact lenses
  3. Reduction of eye infections from wearing contact lenses improperly

At first glance, LASIK may appear to be expensive but when compared to the cost of glasses and contacts over time, it is a smart choice.  This summer the Raleigh Eye Center has a promotion of $995 per eye and the timing could not be any more perfect.  Take a step into visual freedom with LASIK this summer.

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