Adding it All Up: A Cost Comparison of LASIK vs. Contact Lenses and Glasses

LASIK eye surgery is something that many people are considering for a variety of reasons. The joy of waking with clear vision, enjoying outdoor activities sans corrective lenses and the freedom of being able to fall asleep and not worrying about dried up contacts. While the price of LASIK has improved over the years, many still do consider price the biggest obstacle to overcome. A question often pondered by would-be patients is how long it would take to pay off LASIK vs. wearing contact lenses or glasses for a lifetime.  Personal finance company, WalletPop compared the cost of LASIK to that of a lifetime of contact lenses and glasses.

LASIK Cost Savings Options

There are a few options to help decrease the financial burden that comes with LASIK. Both LASIK or PRK are typically not covered by insurance, however, many insurance providers do offer a discount for policy holders. Give us a call today to find out if your insurance qualifies you for special savings on LASIK or PRK.

Flexible spending accounts can be used to pay for LASIK or PRK; however, employers are now limited in the amount that can put aside each year to $2500. For more information on flexible spending accounts, click here.

There are several companies that offer financing for LASIK and PRK. By taking advantage of 0% financing options, you can reduce the financial burden and enjoy the benefits of LASIK today.

LASIK vs. Contact Lenses

We are currently offering LASIK for $995/eye and decided to use this price in our comparison. The typical cost for wearing contact lenses is $300 per year. This price includes solution but does not include doctor visits. Insurance may bring this amount down depending on the coverage. That would mean you would have spent an equal amount on contact lenses after approximately 6.5 years! 

LASIK vs. Glasses

Continuing to use the $995/eye rate listed above, we decided to compare the cost of wearing eyeglasses to having LASIK. The average cost for eyeglasses is $240 according to Consumer Reports Health. Designer glasses come with a higher price tag. After purchasing only 8 pairs of glasses, the cost for LASIK or PRK has been matched.

The benefits of both LASIK and PRK are tremendous and long term. 86% of people under the age of 40 who had LASIK still do not wear glasses for distance. Once people pass their 40’s, the need for reading glasses increases regardless of whether or not laser vision correction has been performed. If you have been considering LASIK or PRK, now is an excellent time to move forward as our $995/eye promotion ends on Monday, September 30th. For more information, call (919) 876-2427 today!