A Humorous Take on LASIK

Millions of people have LASIKeach year. The people that choose to have this life changing procedure come from all walks of life. Each person has a different story to share as to why they decided to have LASIK. At Raleigh Eye Center, we want to celebrate the uniqueness of each person and the story that takes them on the LASIK journey. This month’s story is from Dwight, a 41 year old male who had LASIK more than 12 years ago and is still seeing as clearly as he was initially after having LASIK. Here’s his story:

I didn’t need glasses until I was around 19. This was a difficult age to begin needing glasses because I was trying to fit in at college and the need for glasses made me feel less comfortable with myself, thereby lowering my self esteem.

I was also really bad at picking out glasses. My style selection embarrassingly ranged from big 1/2 shaded kind of maroon lens 80’s glasses, and then a fabulous looking horn-rimmed pair, and some John Lennon round wire-rimmed glasses, etc. I never learned to have someone more fashionable than myself along when I went to pick out glasses. Now that I think back on it, I just needed something that looked good with either flannel, or with Grateful Dead t-shirts. It is always fun looking at pictures of me from back then. My daughter is going to get a good chuckle when I finally show them to her.

Because I was so bad at picking out glasses, I frequently just went without them, especially during my early years of college. My grades suffered because I could not read what was on the board (they had blackboards in those days, with chalk).

After glasses I tried contacts. But I was bad at those as well. This is mostly because I was more interested in partying than taking care of my contacts. I actually slept in them more times than I would like to admit, which resulted in eye infections among other problems.

I decided to get LASIK in 1999 when my sister-in-law suggested it, and mentioned that Tiger Woods did it. I figured that if Tiger was going to take a chance on having LASIK, where his vision was worth millions, I could too. I had LASIK with a microkeratome; just like Tiger Woods and my vision is still 20/15!

LASIK changed my life.

At the time that I had LASIK I was doing a lot of outdoor sports where glasses or contacts were not an option. When surf kayaking for example, I would take out my contacts and just wing it. One wipeout in a wave, and my contacts would be sea turtle food.

The greatest thing though, is waking up and being able to see my beautiful wife so clearly. I am glad I had LASIK when I did because life is too short to live blurry.