5 Tips to Keep Your Visual Organs Safe

Did you know that everyday approximately 2,000 people sustain eye injuries in the workplace that need medical treatment or that every year, 11,000 children sustain eye injuries from toys and playgrounds? Your eye, one of the overlooked body parts is actually in more danger than you think. So now that you know, here are tips to keeping your precious vision safe.

1.    Wear Eye Protection

The American Optometric Association recommends that eye protection should be worn in any activities that could result in eye related injury.  Just because you feel “uncomfortable” does not mean you shouldn’t wear protection. Also make sure your kids are wearing eye protection when playing sports.

2.    Take Breaks from Screens

The digital age has given us very few options of how we conduct our daily work. Entertainment comes in the form of a television and we do work on computers. This has resulted in blurred vision and dry eye diseases. If possible, take a few breaks from the screens daily. Take a walk outside or just listen to music.

3.    Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

Your eyes will maintain healthiness when you eat healthy. Add vegetables and fish to your diet for better eyesight. Follow the USDA’s food pyramid for a well-balanced diet.

4.    Don’t Smoke

Everyone knows that smoking is responsible for many diseases but did you know that it also causes bad eyesight? Smoking is responsible for increased thyroid eye disease, cataracts and increase in eye infections.

5.    Avoid Contact Lens Abuse

Falling asleep with contact lenses is a big “no-no”. Avoid wearing your contacts for too long and keep your eyes hydrated. Overuse of contact lenses can lead to corneal infections. Taking a few minutes to take out your contact lenses can save you from having a corneal transplant.

Wearing the right protection and taking care of your eyes is the best way of showing love to your eyes. Don’t take your eyesight for granted. Let Raleigh Eye Center help you with your eye needs.