5 Mistakes LASIK Patients Make

LASIK vision correction is something most people with refractive errors dream about. They want to be able to enjoy life and all that it has to offer without a dependency on glasses or contact lenses. Before moving forward with LASIK, it is important to understand the mistakes people make so you can avoid making them yourself.

1. Choose a LASIK Surgeon Based On Price

We understand that the upfront cost for LASIK can be prohibitive for some having the procedure. There are some things you can shop for based on price. LASIK is not one of them. Your vision is a priceless sense that is irreplaceable. If you find a LASIK price that appears to be to good to be true, it probably is. Either they are marketing a lower price to get you in the door, are inexperienced, using older technology or charge extra for things like post-operative care and enhancements.

At Raleigh Eye Center we offer a Best Price Guarantee so patients can “shop” around for the best LASIK surgeon. Dr. Kiley believes it is important to take price out of the equation and for patients to choose a surgeon based on experience, technology and superior patient care. That is why he offers to match any price for LASIK using the same technology.

2. Choose a LASIK Facility Without Meeting the Surgeon

It is common for LASIK centers to have an optometrist performing pre-operative examinations on behalf of the surgeon. The patients then get to meet the surgeon on the day of procedure. This is a big mistake. It is important to feel not only that the surgeon is competent but also that he/she has a bedside manner you are comfortable with. You won’t know this until you meet them personally.

3. Choosing a LASIK Surgeon That Does Not Offer Advanced Technology

It is not uncommon for refractive surgery centers to offer limited technology for performing LASIK. LASIK technology has come a long way and refractive surgeons and centers should offer patients multiple options for their procedure.

At Raleigh Eye Center, we offer the most advanced technology currently available. Dr. Kiley believes that every eye is different and so too should the technology used in LASIK. After a comprehensive eye exam with Dr. Kiley, he will match the technology that is best suited for the patient.

4. Choosing a LASIK Surgeon or Facility That Does Not Share Outcomes

Some refractive surgery centers and surgeons claim to have performed thousands of LASIK procedures but shy away from requests to see outcomes. While the number of procedures performed is important (should be at least 500), surgical outcomes are of even greater importance. Prospective patients should be comfortable asking for enhancement rates and complication rates.

At Raleigh Eye Center, Dr. Kiley has an overall enhancement rate of 1%, His attention to detail and meticulous intra-operative aseptic techniques have allowed him to maintain an infection rate of zero.

5. Choosing a LASIK Surgeon or Facility That Does Not Offer Enhancements

While the likelihood of needing to have an enhancement is small, it does happen. The frequency with which it happens varies by surgeon and facility. It is important to not gamble on getting your vision right the first time. Always account for the possibility of needing an enhancement and do not choose a provider without ensuring enhancements are included. For some providers this is an extra cost.

Our Raleigh LASIK surgeons stand behind their results. Contact us today for the best LASIK experience you could have!