5 Important Tips for Getting Eyeglass Frames Fitted, From Our Raleigh Vision Center

For some, eye glasses are worn all the time, all day long. For others, they are worn to read or to see clearly while not wearing their prescribed contacts, but no matter which type of eye glass wearer you are, comfort and style are on the top of most of Raleigh Eye Center’s list of needs when selecting new frames. Our optometrists in Raleigh share a few important tips for those new to getting or needing glasses on how to pick the best frames for your styles, prescription and comfortability.

1. When people need to have their eyeglasses fitted, they need to make sure that they first get their optical exams. The optical exams will determine what strength the lenses need to be in order for the person to see properly. Since the optical exams are necessary, they need to set up an appointment with an eye doctor as soon as they can.

2. Optical exams are not difficult, but the patient needs to make sure that they are telling the truth when speaking with the eye doctor. Our eye doctors in Raleigh NC will make sure that the patient feels as comfortable as possible when they are in the office. They will want the patient to feel that they are able to be open and honest about what is happening with their eyes.

3. When our eye doctor in Raleigh fits a person’s glasses, the patient needs to tell them what feels comfortable. That means when they are wearing them, they should be sure that they sit properly on their ears and on their nose. If they are uncomfortable, they need to be adjusted by the doctor.

4. If something is wrong with the glasses, they should be sure to tell their eye doctor in Raleigh. If they can’t see properly, they should be sure to let them know that too. When our eye doctor in Raleigh asks them if they are having trouble seeing, the patient should make sure that they tell them so they can complete the eye exam again.

5. During the eyeglass frame fitting, a patient should be careful to see what the style looks like on their face. If they are unhappy with the eyeglass frame fitting, they need to make sure that they voice their opinion at that time. They will be able to have the fitting done again or pick from different frames that will be more flattering for their face. The eyeglass frame fitting should be done properly, and the patient should be pleased with what has happened.

When people have the proper eyeglass frame fitting, the glasses will sit properly in the right place. It will make a huge difference in comfort when it is sitting properly. Having it done properly is important, and if they need to change doctors, they should do so as soon as they know there is a problem. Knowing what to expect during a fitting can make all the difference for a patient. If someone isn’t happy with the service that they received, they should ask for their money back so they can go somewhere else, and have it done again. This is there choice, so a person will be able to make the decision whether to keep the eye doctor or not without any repercussions. It shouldn’t matter to the doctor if the patient wants to visit with a different doctor.