5 Benefits of Progressive Lenses to Improve Your Vision

If you suffer from presbyopia and need bifocals or trifocals, you want your lenses to be as comfortable and easy on your eyes as possible. The trouble with bifocals and other traditional presbyopia lenses is the line between the lenses, and the accompanying image jump that can be uncomfortable, or even disorienting. That’s why eye care doctors recommend progressive lenses to more patients than ever, making an easy transition into presbyopia treatment with no unsightly and annoying lines. Our Raleigh eye doctors than ever are prescribing gradual lenses for a few simple reasons:

1. Because of the gradual shift between lens strengths, progressive lenses are very easy to get used to, and make for a natural transition if you are already used to wearing prescription glasses. Instead of an abrupt jump to a different focus like bifocals offer, gradual lenses allow your eyes to move more smoothly and comfortably between prescription strengths, for a more natural and easy feel.

2. Progressive lensed glasses offer precision vision correction under many different circumstances, even if you need more two or more different prescriptions in one pair of glasses. Everybody’s vision is different, and gradual lenses allow you to see clearly in a variety of situations without switching glasses.

3. The trouble with bifocals is that the line between the two different strengths of prescription lenses can be highly visible and distracting, and some patients may never get used to it. Gradual lenses do away with the line, which makes your new prescription easier to adjust to, with minimal time and discomfort.

4. Though some patients get used to the line in bifocal and trifocal lenses, many patients never adjust to it, and the visible line can cause undue eye fatigue that may even contribute to the deterioration of your vision. Progressive lenses eliminate the threat of eye fatigue for a more comfortable experience.

5. Presbyopia most often affects patients in their late 30s or mid-40s and can increase with aging, and the lines on traditional bifocals are often associated with the aging process. Gradual lenses get rid of that unsightly line and contribute to a more youthful appearance.

Benjamin Franklin, the inventor of the bifocals, lived over 200 years ago. While bifocals are a useful invention for getting multiple prescriptions into one pair of classes, almost all eye care doctors today are proud to offer the more sleek, modern and comfortable option of progressive lensed glasses.

For more information about progressive lenses to improve your vision, please give our Raleigh eye doctors a call today to schedule a consultation!