5 Benefits of LASIK Provided By Our Raleigh Eye Surgeon

What Is LASIK?

More commonly known as laser eye surgery, LASIK is a type of refractive surgery that corrects vision problems. As a local LASIK surgeon, we’ve seen firsthand how much this modern procedure can change lives. Below, you’ll find some benefits of LASIK.

Benefits Of Lasik Surgery

1. Quick Results
LASIK is so fast-acting that you’ll see results within a few short hours. Within 48 hours, your vision will be nearly perfect, and you can resume all daily activities. Unlike some eye procedures, LASIK doesn’t come with a long, painful recovery period.

2. No More Glasses
Most prominently, LASIK allows you to live without any visual aids. In other words, you can bid farewell to glasses and contacts forever. With laser eye surgery, you’ll discover how freeing perfect vision can be.

3. Improved Vision
Not only will you be able to see without glasses, but you’ll also be able to see better than you did with glasses. This is the biggest draw for many LASIK patients, which is why this procedure is so highly sought-after.

4. It’s Safe
Contrary to popular belief, LASIK is completely safe. We’re a trusted LASIK eye doctor in Raleigh, so when you come to us, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. During the procedure, you won’t be in any danger, so sit back, relax, and your sight will be as good as new in no time.

5. Little To No Discomfort
Though the procedure may sound uncomfortable, there’s no pain associated with LASIK. In fact, we use numbing drops to ensure that the surgery is as painless as possible. While in the chair, there’s no need to fear that you’ll be enduring discomfort.

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