4 Tips to Relieve Nasty Itchy and Watery Eye Allergies

Allergies are a nuisance to anyone who has had the misfortune of owning eyes that are picky about their surroundings. Itchy and watery eyes are inconvenient and sometimes painful. But no one has to give in to their eye’s picky ways. There are several solutions that individuals can use to help with their eye allergy symptoms.

Pinpoint the Problem
Eye allergies usually come forth due to dust, pollen, animals or changes in the season. Different people react to different things, so it is sometimes unknown what causes them. It is best for an individual suffering from intense eye allergy symptoms to keep track of their environment when they are at their worst. Once they find out what they are allergic to, it will be easier to avoid specific areas. This will also help to take further action in finding out what to do next for treatment of eye allergies.

A huge step in the treatment of eye allergies is taking prescription medication. Anyone who has severe symptoms should talk to their doctor to figure out the best solution for their specific needs. It may be as simple as medicated eye drops, or further steps such as prescription decongestants, antihistamines or steroids may need to be taken. Several treatments available, which are why the most important step is talking to one of our experienced Raleigh eye doctors.

Remove Contacts
Several people suffer eye allergy symptoms due to contacts lenses. If this is so, they should talk to their doctor about the possibility of another brand of lenses, or start wearing eyeglasses. If someone continues wearing contact lenses that irritate their eyes, it will not only cause itchiness and watery eyes, but it can also damage eyesight. Sometimes, simply cleaning the contacts more often can remove the problem, as allergy symptoms are often caused by what is built up on the lens, rather than the lens itself.

Create an Environment
The best thing anyone can do to rid themselves of eye allergies is create a clean environment. Try to have as little clutter as possible and clean the house once or twice a week to reduce the amount of mold and dust that can accumulate. Also, if pets are allowed in the house, try to keep them clean and brushed so pet hair will not cover the furniture and floors.

Some of the best Raleigh eye doctors have helped with the treatment of eye allergies. Eye allergies are an uninvited guest that can be thrown out if people take the right steps to reclaim their right for healthy eyes. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and discuss treatment options to help you keep your allergies at bay!