4 Quick Tips to Help Relax Your Eyes

Many people, particularly those whose occupations require numerous hours working before a computer terminal, eye strain can become a problem. Though typically not serious, this condition may precipitate untoward symptoms such as headaches, tiredness, temporary vision disturbances and sore, watery or dry eyes.

Fortunately, there are certain methods those afflicted with eye strain can employ to alleviate or eliminate the annoyance. Our practice of Raleigh eye doctors boast some of the best optometrists in Raleigh and we invite you to read the following brief article that examines four eye health tips in detail.

Eye Health Tips

Take Rest Periods

Regardless of whether you are typing feverishly at a computer keyboard or are engrossed in a novel, it is important to take frequent breaks to afford your eye muscles the opportunity to relax. If possible, these respites should be conducted away from the computer screen in an area where the eyes do not have to focus on any bright lights or large objects.

Blink Often

Oftentimes, when your eyes are zoned in on a specific task (such as computer work or reading), you blink less frequently. Eye strain may be avoided by blinking repeatedly. This simple action can provide your eyes brief, but frequent respites.

Get Vision Checked

Frequent occurrences of eye strain might indicate that you need glasses. Should your doctor or an optometrist prescribe eyewear for activities such as working, reading or driving, it is crucial that such items be worn at such times. Doing so could significantly cut down on eye strain manifestations.

Reduce Glare

Objects that produce bright light, such as the sun shining directly through a nearby window or which emanates from a fluorescent lamp could produce significant amounts of glare that may make viewing a computer screen a more arduous task for your eyes. This problem might be remedied by employing methods including:

*Using an adjustable lamp.
*Obstructing direct sunlight by closing window blinds, shades and curtains.
*Placing an anti-glare screen over your computer.

Our practice of Raleigh eye doctors welcome questions about eye strain or any other eye-related topic. For more information, or to schedule a checkup with any one of some of the most experienced optometrists in Raleigh, please contact us.