3 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Cheap Glasses Online, From Our Raleigh Eye Doctor

When you’re shopping for a new pair of glasses at your optometrist’s office, it’s understandable to get a bit of sticker shock. Quality glasses can cost hundreds of dollars, even without specialty add-ons like lens coatings. Buying a cheap pair of glasses online can be a tempting solution to get the eyewear you need–but cheap glasses are far from a bargain. Here’s what you need to know about the risks of buying glasses online.

Low-Quality Lenses Can Harm Your Eyes

Cheap glasses are cheap for a reason. The manufacturers cut costs everywhere they can, including the lenses that help you see. Most online retailers who sell cheap prescription glasses make the lenses in their own manufacturing facilities rather than a wholesale optical laboratory that specializes in providing lenses to optometrists. Poor-quality or poorly-matched lenses can actually harm your vision and cause a number of eye issues, like glaucoma and cataracts.

It’s Unlikely They Will Fit Correctly

It’s very unlikely to select a pair of online prescription glasses that will fit your unique face shape and size. Ill-fitting glasses are not only a constant annoyance; they can also impact your vision. Your eye doctor can take your face measurements and help you choose frames that will not slide down or fall off. With an online retailer, you might buy and return several pairs and still not find a pair that fit correctly.

Cheap Plastics Can Irritate Your Eyes and Skin

Cheap glasses are usually made from low-grade materials that can cause skin irritation over time. Sure, they might be able to squeak past FDA regulations, but putting something so cheap in such close proximity to your eyes is still a huge risk. Cheap metal frames often contain nickel alloys that can cause skin irritation or discolor your skin. More alarmingly, cheap eyeglass frames and cheap sunglasses are frequently recalled and removed from the market because they contain lead paint or other toxic substances.

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