10 LASIK Questions You Didn’t Think of Asking

While a common procedure, patients often forget to ask some of the most important questions while having their LASIK consultation. Check out these ten very important questions you should ask before having LASIK vision correction surgery. 

1.    Does LASIK guarantee 20/20 vision?

No it does not. Most patients achieve normal or near normal vision after the procedure. However, a small percentage of patients may need a LASIK enhancement to achieve full vision correction.

 2.    Is there an age restriction for LASIK?

There is no age restriction for LASIK; however, the FDA has not approved the lasers used in the procedure for use on those below the age of 18. It is also important that patients achieve a stable prescription prior to having LASIK.

 3.    How long does the LASIK procedure last?

LASIK is quite short, lasting about 10 minutes for both eyes.

 4.    Does LASIK hurt?

No, LASIK does not hurt. Anesthetic drops will be used to numb the eye. You may feel a light pressure sensation around your eye during the procedure. For several hours following the procedure you may experience a foreign body sensation in the eyes.

 5.    Can both eyes be corrected at the same time?

Yes, both eyes can undergo LASIK on the same day.

 6.    What is the recovery time?

The recovery time is based on what the patient does in daily activities. For example, patients typically resume normal activities such as driving and work the day after the procedure. Swimming and certain sports should be avoided for a week following LASIK. .

 7.    What if I blink during the procedure?

A speculum is used to hold the eyelid open during LASIK. This ensures that you will not blink during the procedure and also provides adequate access to the cornea for vision correction. During the laser treatment a tracker is engaged to adjust for slight eye movements.

 8.    Are the any side effects from the procedure?

Two side effects of LASIK are dry eye, which is usually relieved with eye drops and halos around lights at night. Both typically resolve with time.

 9.    Is LASIK safe for pregnant women?

LASIK is not recommended for women who are pregnant or just had a baby. This is due to hormonal fluctuations, dry eyes, and medications. It is recommended that women wait two months after having a baby and nursing before getting LASIK to ensure hormones has stabilized.

10. Can I still have LASIK if I am over 40?

Yes you can. Some patients over 40 who have had LASIK to correct nearsightedness may need to wear reading glasses for close work. An alternative is monovision LASIK. With this option one eye is corrected for up close vision and the other eye is corrected for distance.

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